I once thought that the three necessities of life are air, food and water. I was so wrong.

As I grew older, I realized that was so wrong. Yes, scientifically, all living things require air, food and water to survive. But we humans are special living things.

Thousands of years of evolution and development have allowed humans to gain a large amount of control over the environment around us. Unless absolutely necessary, no one in this modern world would choose to live in the wilderness (except people who do not have the technology).

As such, to say that humans just need air, food and water is a farce.

Modern society is structured in such a way today that survival is synonymous with economic survival. Given the limited time and energies we have in a day together with the specialization of labor, we are forced to rely on the exchange of talents for money. By contributing in a meaningful way to society, we are paid monetary units which we can use to exchange for work or items that we cannot produce ourselves.

That is another necessity on our list. Money.

Yes, we can exchange our time and energies to accumulate more money. But the grind is tough and doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time, or even promotion to higher positions is insanity. There has got to be a faster way to climb this economic ladder.

That is when the next item on list - education comes in. To demand a higher starting pay, you would have to ensure that you are at a sufficiently high educational level. This requires dedication and many years of study. Even though everyone takes the same examinations on the way to the qualifications, not everyone is at the same starting point.

This brings up another factor which can affect your chances of success - your family background. Some people have it easy and can afford additional lessons and help - their parents can just foot the bill. Others are not so lucky - some attend classes and work a little bit on the side to balance the family finances.

Thinking of all this brings to mind a funny quote:

Lost your pencil = No pencil
No pencil = No notes
No notes = No study
No study = Fail
Fail = No diploma
No diploma = No work
No work = No money
No money = No food
No food = You skinny
You skinny = You ugly
You ugly = No love
No love = No marriage
No marriage = No children
No children = Alone
Alone = Depression
Depression = Sickness
Sickness = Death

LESSON LEARNED: Don't lose your pencil or you will die.

While this is obviously untrue, the underlying story here is that there are many underlying factors which can affect one's chances toward success.

In the past I tried to plan for too many things, and unsurprisingly I did not manage to achieve many of them. What I realized throughout these years was that over-planning induces a lot of stress on myself and would not result in any concrete achievements.

What I do today is to plan broadly my short term and long term plans, and to work towards them slowly and surely. If there is a need to give up certain luxuries such as sleep, time and social media for a better future, I will do so.

I have this quote saved in my phone:

Never give up on something you really want. It's difficult to wait, but it's more difficult to regret.

It is a quote that I treasure dearly and try to follow as I pursue my dreams. Many times I have come close to giving up, but every time I read the quote I gain the courage to press on for the sake of my dreams.

So what are your worries? Maybe you should learn to let go of some of them like I did. Giving up social media removed the pressure for me to keep up with the trends and social activity of my friends, which I used to follow daily. But doing so has allowed me to focus wholeheartedly and what I wanted and like to do. I am no longer bound by social norms or what my friends are into, I can do whatever I like to do. I feel freer mentally, and have lesser worries on my mind.

The journey towards my dream continues... albeit stronger.