While it may not affect your future directly, its influence is still felt indirectly in our daily lives.

Many people do not really give a thought to the past. Most of the time it seems distant. If a certain event happened before you were born or you did not live with that experience, it will not stick with you. However, the past still matters.

It explains why you are currently where you are in the world, what is your family background and how you grew up. With parents being our first role models, we mimicked and learned from their actions. The results of their past teachings can be seen in the present us.

Our ideas and actions are shaped by our past experiences to a large extent. Without any idea on what the future will be, we fall back on our past experiences to guide us.

The past also provides us with lots of interesting stories and lessons to be discovered. Think the present era is horrible? There were a few times when nuclear war almost erupted during the Cold War a few decades back, but fortunately that apocalyptic future was averted.

I believe that we humans have the potential to achieve great things. The difficult task is to reach a consensus as a species to take action. Different people have different motivations and needs, and these will come into conflict occasionally. If everyone is willing to find aside our differences and commit together for a better future, we will achieve it.