To me, life feels like a whirlwind most of the time. Not today.

Instead of the short and quick route that I usually took, I took the long bus ride home.

Yes I admit, I was I was lazy. Work ended early and I went shopping.

The air was hazy, just like my memories. Somehow time seems to pass faster now that I am older, and what happened months ago feels like it had happened years ago.

Reflecting on my past 4 months of my internship, I was humbled by the complexity of the engineering problems that I saw at my company. It really made me more aware of the importance of technical knowledge and work experience. With sufficient theoretical knowledge, one would have the intuition on why things work or don't work. With sufficient work experience, an experienced engineer would be able to point out why something works or does not work, with more elaboration on how it can be further improved.

It feels like black magic, but engineers have to learn on the job and from their peers. As such, it is important to have a mentor who will guide and provide you with valuable advice.

Complex engineering problems typically involve teams with each member bringing something unique to the table. This is my favourite trait of engineering teams, as I will never run out of topics to discuss with my colleagues. Instead of comparing between holiday destinations, why not discuss on the best way to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Just like my long bus ride home, sometimes work takes you to unique places. I had the opportunity to explore the multidisciplinary world of system integration, which I find to be very fascinating.

Sometimes I feel that engineering is an art as well as science. Engineers have the power to mimic nature and create alternative solutions to existing solutions. Who would have thought of an electric light bulb to replace candle light? Or even that it is possible to replicate cold temperatures in a hot environment? It was the engineers.

It is pretty amazing to see what engineers have come up over thousands of years to improve the standards of our lives. As a undergraduate studying to become an engineer, I am inspired by technological inventions, and hope that I would have the opportunity to contribute in my meaningful way to improve the quality of our daily lives.