Patterns are an useful way of formalizing habits. And habits are building blocks which you can utilize to create a better life for yourself.

I like patterns. Since young I was enthralled by numerical patterns - numbers would represent routes and pathways that I could take. The possibilities were infinite. 30 would represent a route from Bedok in the East to Boon Lay in the West, and 3 would represent the Changi Branch Line on the East West Line towards Changi Airport.

As I grew older the patterns became more and more complex. My hobbies and interests increased in number. I joined online communities, went out for IRL meetups and made new friends.

Even today I am thankful to these patterns for existing as they made me who I am today. Not so much with the day night pattern thought, as I am still struggling to get used to it today.

My most productive moments have been when I followed clear patterns of arranging my work day, like in school. Although I may dread the long hours at school, it sure beats not doing anything and lazing at home. A lot of times I do have the temptation to sneak out and not do anything, but I keep to the pattern mostly.

This is because patterns create habits. Habits create actions, and actions create your destiny. Take good heed of your patterns, and you'll create the life you want eventually.