You have done work to the best of your efforts, and achieved what you wanted to achieve. What now?

(That situation has not happened to me as of yet, so don't congratulate me on that.)

I have recently watched the movie Love Live Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over The Rainbow, and it gave me an insight into how to cope with new beginnings.

The movie takes place after the school idol group Aqours won the Love Live! school idol competition, fulfilling one of their biggest dreams. Along the way to winning the championships they faced many setbacks, including getting 0 audience votes on their first performance in Tokyo and the impending closure of their school.

With their school gone and the third year members graduated, the now six membered Aqours are now forced to adapt to their club activities and their new school without the third year members.

The members of the regrouped Aqours struggle to cope with these new changes. Everything feels like when they have begun, and it seems as though they had lost everything and have to begin from ZERO again.

Through the events in Italy where they went on a pursuit for the third year members and put up a performance at the Spanish Steps, they came to a realization that they do not have to begin from ZERO again.

The fact that the third year members have had graduated should not overshadow the fact that they have been trying out new things and honing new skills during the past year. In fact, what they had been doing in the past has been helping them in coping with the new circumstances now.

At the end of the movie, they regain their confidence and managed to put up an amazing performance in front of the town.

The movie really addressed one of the problems that I have been facing in my life. Whenever I move from a familiar environment to a new environment, I always get this feeling of emptiness. There is always this feeling of starting all over again whenever I begin at somewhere new.

Perhaps I may never escape from this feeling, but I guess I should tell myself that whatever I learned previously should not be discarded and that I am not starting from ZERO.

The skills and knowledge that I have picked up previously is like a form of compound interest, and should be regarded as such. Instead of focusing purely on picking up new skills and knowledge, I should be thinking of how to augment skills and knowledge that I already have, in addition to picking up new skills and knowledge.