When there is simply too much work to do in a short amount of time, it is time to prioiritize and make plans.

Drafting up plans for the future is just one part of ensuring that what you planned for will be implemented. It does not necessarily guarantee that what you planned for will be done.

It takes initative and determination for one to see through what one has planned for the future. I have used many different to-do apps on my phone and desktop, but using these apps did not necessarily guarantee that I followed through on what I planned for.

What I found was that the to-do app was simply a place where I gathered all my to-do tasks and what-nots. The to-do app could not possibly force or incentivize me to finish all my to-do tasks.

It was up to me, myself and I to ensure that what I planned to do will be done on time and in accordance with my plans.

So what are your plans for the future? Do make some if you have not done so yet. It provides more clarity on your near future.