Long breaks are few and far between. Spend it well and make it fulfilling.

I can still remember my last ultra long weekend which I was free of any commitments - that was back in 2015 during the Jubilee Weekend from 6 to 10 Aug.

2015 was a pretty intense year I recall. I attended two competitions, one science fair and one research conference. On top of preparation for my A levels that year. It went something like this:

  • Dec 2014 - Jan 2015: Preparation for robotics competition
  • Jan - Mar 2015: Preparation for science fair
  • Mar - Apr 2015: Preparation for research conference
  • Apr - Jul 2015: Going around doing company visits
  • May - Jun 2015: Preparation for cybersecurity competition

All these non-academic pursuits took up most of my time, and I guess I really neglected my health. I was really looking forward to spending my Jubilee Weekend in a fulfiling way going into August, but I fell really sick during the long weekend. In the end, I spent most of the long weekend recuperating from my illness.

It was really sad because I was really looking forward to the long weekend where I could do anything I wanted after a long period of working tirelessly. I did not get to enjoy the weekend in the end, and it was a little disappointing.

This year's long weekend was slightly better. I made sure I clearly delineated my work and free time, giving my 100% whenever. Somehow I feel that my quality of life has improved for the better, without compromising on the quality of my work.

The long weekend was spent on pursuits that I enjoyed, and I did not forget to reward myself for being such a hard worker.

Looking back, I still find it amazing how I made through the past 4 years. There have been many disappointments no doubt, but somehow most of them turned out to be OK. It does not hurt to set high expectations, but I should cut myself some slack sometimes.

After all,

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain." — Vivian Greene