I've always dreaming of becoming someone amazing. I'm sure everyone has thought about this at some point or rather.

As children, we often dream big. The first steps we take in life are small and simple. Seems like it will be a smooth ride ahead.

Except when reality hits. It hits hard like a tsunami, eroding away our self-confidence and dreams. Something which you have always dreamed about, now becomes impossible to achieve.

You grief over what remains of your hopes and dreams, struggle for a while, then pick up yourself to continue on this arduous journey. Deep in your heart, you always try your best and pray the outcome will be good. But the mileage may vary.

Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not as lucky. You may try your absolute best, but sometimes even that is not enough. That is the harshness of reality.

Everyone wants to shine. But not everyone has the fortune or the opportunity to do so. Even if there is social mobility, every moment feels like a zero-sum game.

But I guess this is how reality is. For a long time I thought I was alone in feeling so. Until last December, when I binge watched Produce 48.

Missing the hype for Produce 101, I wanted to see what made the Produce series so successful. Instead, I saw a lot of raw emotion. I understood what each of the 96 contestants of the show felt, especially the Japanese contestants.

The first episode was especially gut wrenching, when the contestants had to undergo initial grading by the judges. All of their years of experiences summarized into a performance of a few minutes.

The judging was especially brutal and harsh. Sometimes it felt like they invalidated the years of experience that the contestants had. But the show must go on.

Eventually the show ended with the formation of the girl group IZ*ONE. No doubt that the period of show's recording was the worst time of many of the contestants' lives, but I'm sure many of them emerged stronger than ever.

Watching Produce 48 made me realize what dreams are made of. It is something worth fighting for, so much so to the extent that one would endure any kind of suffering and tribulations. Even if one did not succeed, he or she would be glad (with a slight tinge of sadness) that he or she tried their best.

Until the day I achieve my dreams, I will give my all in everything towards it. I want to grow and overcome my obstacles. There will be a lot of trials and tribulations ahead and much suffering, but I will emerge out of all these a stronger and better person.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

Time to grab my TICKET to the FUTURE~