In this quick and ever changing landscape, there are infinitely many possibilities one can explore. But it never hurts to occassionally take a break.

Modern society today is obssessed over doing more for less. Sometimes it feels like taking a break for a day would mean being overtaken by someone else, even if the actual competition does not exist.

Recently I have been struggling a bit with my work, and it seems to have affected my personal hobbies as well. I can sense a feeling of dread whenever I try to understand what I have to do, and it feels as though I am going to start procastinating soon.

This is not good. I guess I have to slow down my pace a little, take a closer look at what I am supposed to do, and proceed carefully.

I spent yesterday and this afternoon proceeding a bit slower than usual. It feels nice to proceed at a slower pace, instead of the usual breakneck pace.

Nothing changes when one takes a rest. In fact we take a long rest every day, which is called sleep.

Take a break and continue shining some time later? Count me in.