This is a question that we should ask ourselves every day, as what we do now will influence our future.

Believe or not, we consume every day. By consume, I do not mean eating only. We consume when we read articles, books; watch videos on YouTube and the television. In other words, we consume when we obtain something from an external source.

This stands in contrast to creating, when one uses his or her own capabilities to conjure up something. This creation process is largely self-directed, although one can get some advice from others.

For most of my life I have been Consuming. While arguably it is easier (and more efficient), it does not provide much self-satisfaction, other than the fact that I can understand and reproduce what I consumed.

Consuming information that was passed down by others did not cut it for me. It made me very passive and detached from the world around me. It made me feel like I was an echo chamber for subject matter experts, echoing their opinions based on their explanations which I judged to be accurate.

Being surrounded by so many amazing people around me did not help either. Occasionally I will feel that I was just luckier than others (impostor syndrome) and do not deserve to be there.

It was around then when I asked myself,

"Why do some people lead seemingly more interesting lives than myself?"

They consume less and create more.

It was the moment I realized that I had been living by my life the wrong way. I failed to achieve a balance between Consuming and Creating. I was just Consuming, I did not engage with the world around me and create something greater than myself. That was why sometimes I felt like I did not belong there.

This is what this blog is about.

Incendio is one of the Esperanto words for "fire". Fire is the primary method that fuel is converted into energy (which I hope to have infinite amounts of).

I chose "Passion, zest and courage" as the tagline because this is what is required to achieve one's dreams. Passion is the intense love which begins one's dreams – it is the spark, the trigger factor that marks the beginning. Zest is the attitude, the enthusiasm towards living every day to the best of one's ability. When the going gets tough, courage would be the stabilizing factor, ensuring one would persevere all the way to the end despite the agony and hardship. It is not possible to persist with only one of this traits – all three traits reinforce and strengthen one another.

I plan to post on this blog weekly, where I would write freely on any topic of my choice. It has been a long time since I last wrote something – I really miss the feeling of writing!

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