Maybe some of you are like me, who want to settle down and find a job, tired of the continuous years of studying. But at this unique stage of life, let's not forget what makes us special as young people.

At my workplace, I am one of the youngest in my department. In my opinion, being young does not mean that I should be given more slack. In fact, it should be the opposite - I should work harder if not as hard as other colleagues at my workplace.

While I am envious of their situations (having a great job and rather settled life), I feel like I have nothing in comparison to their fulfilling lives. Upon further reflection however, I realised that being young has its own benefits too.

A) The possibilities are limitless

I know you will roll your eyes in complete disbelief when you read this, but yes, the possibilities are limitless. Try not to commit yourself to anything if you are unsure of what to do with the future. Learn as much as you can in school, as you will never know when something will come into use at work.

This literally happened to me at work, when I had to dig out my Linear Algebra notes to understand what I was reading.

Over time, you will come to realise what you like to do, or could do as a career. But until then, be open to anything and absolutely everything.

B) You can fail and try again as many times as you want

Failure. The hated word that no one wants to hear and face in life. As a young person, the impact of failure is not as painful as that of older people. For adults, failure could mean unemployment and a loss of income, which is certainly a bitter pill to swallow.

While at it, why not learn how to cope with failure and learn how to move on?

We will fail many times in our lifetime, so why not get used to it?

C) Your sole responsibility is towards yourself

I guess many people are unaware of this, but forming a family is a heavy responsibility. After forming a family it ceases to be just about yourself only, as there are now family members to take care and look after.

Treasure these precious moments as a young person before it is gone. You will never get it back ever again!